The data are available under the NLOD license from the relevant dataowners. Please check for credits pertaining to the various data. Data under v1/shipinfo is not under NLOD, but has a commecial lisence.

Please note that the data exposed through API are raw data and the usage of these for management of aquaculture as defined by law and regulations is the sole responsibility of Mattilsynet.

Please also note the following about the data exposed:

Before first use of this API you must make yourself familiar with the information found in these documents (2). All permission for use requires compliance with these terms.

  1. Application registration and authentication
  2. API-Documentation

Notice about batch download jobs: The Fishealth data set is nicely set up for batch download of all localities for all weeks, and third parties are encouraged to make use of the data and download as they see fit (please register first). However, please note the following: High loads on the API might affect overall performance, and cause a degraded user experience for users of the Fishhealth service from BarentsWatch. For this reason, we request that third parties that do such batch downloads to so in a single thread, and don't run parallel downloads. If your requirements make single thread download too slow or otherwise infeasible, please contact BarentsWatch through the feedback form on, we might be able to make accomodations for your needs.

OpenAPI documentation

FishHealth OpenAPI Doc

You can view the documentation in Open API 3.0 format here:, while the source json file is here:

Additional documentation

In addition to the API documentation linked to above, there are map services available:

Localitywithdisease WMS/WFS

Layername: bw:localitywithdisease

This layer has aquaculture sites with ongoing disease outbreaks (PD, ISA). The data is from Veterinærinstituttet.