Due to a new data source for ISA and PD diseases these changes have been made today:

To access the BarentsWatch API it is mandatory to register and use a token, as documented here: Application registration and authentication.

Today this policy is enforced, and unauthenticated requests will recieve a 401 HTTP status code. If you get this error, you need to self-register a client, and pass an access token with your requests.

Due to a new data source for ISA and PD diseases, there will be changes in this endpoint:


The "ilaPd" property will be null for all localities from week 45, 2020. The new property "ilaPdCase" will have the information about diseases.

This endpoint has a new data model:

"ilaPdCase": [
	"id": "PD2020-67",
	"localityNo": 20815,
	"disease": "PD",
	"subtype": "SAV3",
	"disproved": false,
	"suspectedDate": "2020-05-05T02:00:00+02:00",
	"confirmedDate": null,
	"emptiedDate": null,
	"closedDate": null,
	"disprovedDate": null,
	"createdDate": null,
	"changedDate": "2020-05-05T02:00:00+02:00"

The change of the API will take effect 7th January 2021. The API documentation will also be updated this date. If you need documentation earlier, please contact us.

New endpoints Fishhealth:

Updated data in Fishhealth:

The API no longer includes info about cleaner fish treatments from week 16, 2018 or later. This data was incomplete due to transition to new reporting.

New endpoints Fiskinfo:

Old APIs removed

As previously announced, the old apis at /api have been removed today. Use /bwapi as described here: The old API will be removed 1st October 2020. The exception is chart plotter APIs, which are still open.

The ports API is also removed, as announced here: The Ports API will be removed 1st October 2020.

New endpoints Fishhealth:

New endpoint FiskInfo:

Modified nedpoint FiskInfo:

New endpoints AIS: