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We have released a new API for AIS tracks. You can get the tracks for a vessel the last 24 hours, or for a specified time period. This API is an addition to the AIS Live API, which has the lastest position of vessels.

You can see the API in action in the new NAIS application:

Due to system maintenance, may be unstable betweeen 0650-0900 Thursday the 12th of May. The DNS entry will resolve to a new IP address. 

New streaming AIS API have been released. Documentation and more information can be found here: AIS.

Announcement in Norwegian:

The new API will continue to be developed with additional endpoints. At the same time the old AIS API is now deprecated, and we encourage everyone to migrate to the new API.

New endpoint in the Fishhealth API:

Almost all FishInfo reporting endpoints have been updated. The biggest change is that more information is collected in a vesselprofile, that users are connected to. The endpoints have been simplified, as the profile information no longer need to be passed along.

There are also updates to the fishingfacility/fishing gear endpoints: 

Endpoints that have been replaced by new versions have been marked as deprecated.

The old endpoints have a minor update: contactPersonName and contactPersonPhone are no longer required.

New endpoints

Fishhealth API

Waveforecast API


bw:localitieswithila - This layer has aquaculture sites with ongoing ISA disease outbreaks. The data is from Veterinærinstituttet.

bw:localitieswithpd - This layer has aquaculture sites with ongoing PD disease outbreaks. The data is from Veterinærinstituttet.

Removed endpoints

Fishhealth API

Removal of wesseltrack endpoints as notified here: Fishhealth WellBoatWeek APIs will be removed 4 May 2021

Localitieswithdisease is replaced by localitieswithpd and localitieswithila.

/bwapi/v1/geodata/download/localitieswithdisease (Replaced by )


Remvoed layer bw:localitywithdisease.

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