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New endpoints Fishhealth:

Updated data in Fishhealth:

The API no longer includes info about cleaner fish treatments from week 16, 2018 or later. This data was incomplete due to transition to new reporting.

New endpoints Fiskinfo:

Old APIs removed

As previously announced, the old apis at /api have been removed today. Use /bwapi as described here: The old API will be removed 1st October 2020. The exception is chart plotter APIs, which are still open.

The ports API is also removed, as announced here: The Ports API will be removed 1st October 2020.


The following APIs have been updated:

There has also been small changes in the OpenAPI docs to how GeoJson is declared, though the APIs are unchanged.

As the Ports service is removed from, the Ports API also will be removed 1st October 2020. 

API newsletter

In addition to this blog, BarentsWatch send newsletters about important changes to the API. If you would like this info in your mailbox, please subscribe to the newsletter on My page

On My page you will find all your registered API clients. 

All our APIs are now available at, using the new login system. The old APIs running at will be removed on the 1st of october 2020.

Migrating to the new API should be straight forward:

The old FiskInfo API used by chart plotters will not be removed on the 1st of October 2020, but will be supported for a longer time.

We added 3 new endpoints for ILA free areas. There are no results for weeks before week 13, 2020.

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