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Due to a new data source for ISA and PD diseases, there will be changes in this endpoint:


The "ilaPd" property will be null for all localities from week 45, 2020. The new property "ilaPdCase" will have the information about diseases.

This endpoint has a new data model:

"ilaPdCase": [
	"id": "PD2020-67",
	"localityNo": 20815,
	"disease": "PD",
	"subtype": "SAV3",
	"disproved": false,
	"suspectedDate": "2020-05-05T02:00:00+02:00",
	"confirmedDate": null,
	"emptiedDate": null,
	"closedDate": null,
	"disprovedDate": null,
	"createdDate": null,
	"changedDate": "2020-05-05T02:00:00+02:00"

The change of the API will take effect 7th January 2021. The API documentation will also be updated this date. If you need documentation earlier, please contact us.

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