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Almost all FishInfo reporting endpoints have been updated. The biggest change is that more information is collected in a vesselprofile, that users are connected to. The endpoints have been simplified, as the profile information no longer need to be passed along.

There are also updates to the fishingfacility/fishing gear endpoints: 

Endpoints that have been replaced by new versions have been marked as deprecated.

The old endpoints have a minor update: contactPersonName and contactPersonPhone are no longer required.

New endpoints

Fishhealth API

Waveforecast API


bw:localitieswithila - This layer has aquaculture sites with ongoing ISA disease outbreaks. The data is from Veterinærinstituttet.

bw:localitieswithpd - This layer has aquaculture sites with ongoing PD disease outbreaks. The data is from Veterinærinstituttet.

Removed endpoints

Fishhealth API

Removal of wesseltrack endpoints as notified here: Fishhealth WellBoatWeek APIs will be removed 4 May 2021

Localitieswithdisease is replaced by localitieswithpd and localitieswithila.

/bwapi/v1/geodata/download/localitieswithdisease (Replaced by )


Remvoed layer bw:localitywithdisease.

Due to a new data source for ISA and PD diseases these changes have been made today:

To access the BarentsWatch API it is mandatory to register and use a token, as documented here: Application registration and authentication.

Today this policy is enforced, and unauthenticated requests will recieve a 401 HTTP status code. If you get this error, you need to self-register a client, and pass an access token with your requests.

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